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Corona virus

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I saw the letter on Facebook. No wonder the other Councilman Dolaghan the six figure custodian was going around spraying with a liquid to kill the virus.  Or should I say he was standing around and driving and not doing any spraying.  Spraying is below him.  You guys had an opportunity to get rid of Dolaghan and Doran and you went with the party line to save your jobs so s**k it up now that Doran doesn't need your vote for another 3 years.  You will forget by then.  You wanted to go home and relax.  Doran's right keep working because you owe him.

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My question is how many kids are showing up for this free breakfast and free lunch?  Do you realize that not only are you exposing the people handing out the lunch you are exposing the kids as well.  Is it possible to put the 10 lunches on the meals on wheels? You have the crossing guards out exposing them for what if 10 out of 400 kids show up.  Just another observation from my post how are these kids entitled to free lunch when they have a 30-40,000.00 car? Curious? Lot of System Slugging going on who is checking the income?

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Why can't they just deliver these lunches to the kids here in town instead of them having to come out when everyone is suppose to be in quarantine ? They have crossing guards and cafeteria workers out when they should be in.  I just dont understand the logic in all this. If they can deliver to the elderly and disabled why not the kids here in town ? But let's have our kids venture out during a worldwide epidemic 

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