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Resident parking stickers

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Last Sunday I came home at 6 A.M..  Unable to find a parking space, I circled the neighborhood until I could find one, three blocks away from home.  I decided to walk the block to see if there were any cars without resident stickers.  I found four cars with out of state plates, four cars with no resident stickers, a car with no license plates, and two commercial vans with out of town addresses.

Who is supposed to enforce the ban Mayor Fife announced in his last letter saying that only cars with resident stickers were allowed to part in town, 24/7, 365?  Did the mayor take the ticket books away from the cops? Or is he just trying to make it look like is dong something about the parking situation in Harrison and appease the residents with BS.

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The problem on my street is white vans that don't have commercial plates but are used as commercial transport to take workers to their jobs. They gather on the sidewalk every morning and are driven away in the vans. The vans park on my street because the drivers live on my street. They drop the workers off & repark on the street. They pick the workers up and repark on my street. They also park their personal cars on the street. Most nights there are 4 of these vans on the block. That's a lot of parking spaces. So if I drive a school bus, I can just bring it home and park it on my street? Essentially the same thing. If there is no regulation of vehicles which are clearly being used commercially, I guess we are just out of luck.

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