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Firefighters Saved from Extinction

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It appears that the Firefighters are clinging to life for now until the next contract. Harrison gets to keep its Superman hero bravest FF that eat smoke for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were rewarded because so many Harrison Firefighters have made the ultimate sacrifice while battling blazing infernos over the last couple of decades. Dozens of FF have died while saving residents from certain death. The Harrison FF are skilled EMT's but don't use the ambulance which might as well be up on  blocks instead of tires. A resident in medical distress need only try to walk or be carried to the clubhouse in order for the bravest to call real EMT's that can actually drive an ambulance. It's possible that they will have their publicity stunt Thanksgiving turkey dinner handout for the seniors.  The publicity stunt Christmas toy drive (all toys provided by the public without the FF spending a dime of their own money) with the FF taking credit for handing them out might happen if the FF get O.T. or other compensation. It's good to see the residents take it the ass with steep property tax hikes in order for the extremely expensive patronage and nepotism mill Fire Dept. to keep their part-time no work jobs. Merry Christmas suckers!

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