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Classic response by a bunch of lowlifes that did nothing with themselves and are so bitter at their own current state of life. Commenting on a person who worked hard, dedicated his time to a town that is not very appreciative, partly because it is filled with losers like the ones commenting above, that do not get involved to make it better, but rather pick apart a person who makes an effort.  Question... Do you hate everyone that excels and does better than you?  Do you hate everyone at your own job, if you are employed that is, that makes more than you?  I'm guessing that you do.  I bet you complain a lot about other people that make more money than you, and attribute it constantly to them being "taken care of because who you know." I bet you sound like a broken record every time you get your ignorant mouth worked up.....maybe if you put a little effort in your sad miserable life and at least tried to not only better yourself and your family, but the place you live in, you could relate to this guy who has dedicated himself and has set goals and continues to achieve them.  Well done! I wish this town had more of you and we would be a much better place right now!!!

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