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I just found out a Kearny woman was raped and almost beaten to death on ****** Ave on August 9th by an *********** ******* *****! Unless I missed it I don't remember reading anything about it in the observer! If I did miss it I apologize. If not what the hell is going on with this paper? Are they suppressing serious crimes in the Town of Kearny?

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I am sure the town will respond to this atrocity by promoting more Firefighters to Captain. This may appear strange to any normal person but spending money on an unrelated thing makes sense to the Politicians. Friends & family must be taken care of no matter what's going on. Might as well make the Fire Department budget $12 million instead of $11 million. Increase the Fire Chiefs salary from $200,000 to $250,000. It's only money!

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On 8/29/2016 at 9:43 AM, Guest Guest said:

These crimes never get reported. Kearny police only report crimes in which it makes them look good.

It's not the crimes that make them look good, it's how well they investigate them.

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