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Guest Fed Up With Harrison Corru

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Guest Fed Up With Harrison Corru

Harrison Public Schools take 2 of the top paying salaries

#10 Frederick Confessore $226,600 Acting Superintendent of Schools and #4 James Doran, Councilman, Harrison Housing Commissioner, Director of Personnel (former Superintendent of Schools before salary cap) $255,136 (which doesn't include Councilman salary)

Combined $521,736 per year.

What do these 2 men do to deserve such salaries?

Greed.  It is simply Greed and the taxpayers keep paying for this abuse of the public funds.

See story here: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2016/06/top_10_public_employee_salaries_in_hudson_county.html#incart_river_home

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Guest So Ya Know

People in the Town allow it, nobody wants to say anything because they will make their life a living hell.  It is a crime.  I mean one is running the town and the schools and is as nasty as nasty can be.  The other is just sucking the system because he can. Look who is on all the Boards in town it is a puppet show, they tell them how it is going to be and make them vote they way they want them to vote and if you don't they again make your life a living hell or force you to step down as they step on you.  It is all a joke, you think they are making a lot of money on the books you should know what they are stuffing in their pockets. Can't bit%^ as you vote the dream team in they just do what the hell they want. Promise you the world during election time and you get nadda in return.  

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