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Verizon Strike

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Verizon workers are on strike.  Read this article.  It's not about the money.  The workers want the same contract but the President who makes $10 million dollars a year and doesn't know the business just wants to ship every job he can overseas and make his workers who are making a middle class salary after years of work quit out of frustration.

Honk your car horns when you pass a picket line.  Stop and have a conversation.  Bring some coffee and donuts.  The President of Verizon has lost his way.  Share this post with everyone you know on Facebook & Twitter.

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Thanks for the explanation.  It is outrageous behavior on the part of the president (who doesn't even know the business!).  He wants every job possible shipped overseas, then every customer should also be from overseas.  Maybe letters to the company from customers threatening to change their phone service and the reason why, would be appropriate.

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