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KFD & HFD West Hudson Fiire Departnent Expense

Guest Citizen Jane

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Guest Citizen Jane

The financial budgets of the Harrison and Kearny Fire Depts. are the taxpayers worst nightmare. Firefighter salaries are over $100,000.00 each for this part-time no work job. There is little to no racial or gender diversity. The job of Firefighter is referred to as White Men's Welfare. The Kearny/Harrison residents retirement savings and childrens college funds are disappearing due to greedy Firefighter demands. There are only a handful of Firefighters that live in town. How can they be counted on in an emergency situation? A life in danger doesn't wait for Parkway or Turnpike traffic. The Mayor and Council can impose residency requirements and should do that ASAP. A civilian Public Safety Director will eliminate the ranks of Chief, Dep. Chief and Batt. Chief. One Lt. for each shift is all that's necessary. The extremely expensive top heavy rank structure will be gone. One Chief for every 2 or 3 Indians is outrageous. Firefighter pensions, yearly guarenteed high percentage salary increases, lifetime family medical benefits, sick days, vacation days, retirement boat payments, cash outs $$$, clothing allowance, dry cleaning service, cleaning service, laundry service and countless other current perks must be stopped. Very few, if any, residents get these mind blowing perks at their own job. How many residents SLEEP AT WORK and work and only work 2 days a week for over $100,000 a year? My guess is none! Luxury multimillion dollar Fire Houses with state of the art gourmet kitchens, top shelf appliances, multiple big screen TV's with the best cable service, couches, high end mattresses, high speed internet Wifi and laptops, a state of the art gym, central air conditioning and on and on ARE NOT NECESSARY. Four 10 hour days requiring Firefighters to be AWAKE and PRODUCTIVE is needed NOW!! Response time to an emergency would greatly improve. Isn't a fast response to an emergency the most important part of this job? Training instead of SLEEPING is a must! These changes cannot be implemented fast enough.

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Guest Kearny Senior

Poor Barney. This boy is obviously obsessed with the KFD. Maybe the FF's can make you a mascot, give you a T-shirt, give you a tour of the firehouse, let you sit in the firetruck and ring the bell. Stop by the firehouse, I'm sure the FF's will welcome you.

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You must be smoking some good stuff!!! I'm not even going to address the absurd comments. Just clear up some of the ones that actually deserve attention.

1. The Mayor and Council can not impose residency requirements. It's State Law. That's just it. Can't do anything about it. Contact a State representative regarding that.

2. You can't have 1 officer and that's it. Unfortunately my response to this would require a lot of typing and my hands will hurt after. Neither of these departments even have a Battalion Chief so your obviously making thins up as you go along. A civilian fire director would have no authority of Day-to-Day operations of a fire department. Can't even take command at a scene even if you are a former qualified firefighter.

3. They don't have clothing allowances anymore. If a uniform is damaged or in poor condition they turn it in to be replaced.

4. Firefighters clean their own clothes.

5. TV, Cable, Internet, Recliners, Sofa's are provided for by the firefighters out of their own pockets.

5. Firefighters clean their own sheets. (That they provide out of pocket)

6. Have you been in a firehouse kitchen lately. HA! It may surprise you!!

7. Firefighters train every day.

8. The Harrison FD and the Kearny FD have amazing response times. Compare it to other towns or the national average. These times blow the standards away!

Keep up the good work!

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Guest Kearny Citizen

1. The poor grammar and sentence structure backs up the statement that Firefighters are uneducated. The entire letter was difficult to read.

2. The majority of Firefighters in Hudson County, including West Hudson, have an angry defiant attitude when residency requirements are proposed. It's obvious that ego driven Firefighters think they are better than those that pay their salaries, medical benefits and endless perks. Why is it such a sin to be asked to live amongst those who support your family? Such arrogance!

3. The responding Firefighter made sure that he did not stray into the racial and gender bias arena. The super majority of Firefighters in Hudson County are white males. Harrison and Kearny are no exception. It's an almost exclusively white male utopia of little to no work for taxpayer funded six figure salaries. The majority of jobs in the public sector are close to attaining both racial and gender equality EXCEPT nepotism and patronage filled Fire Departments.

4. Top heavy with supervision? TRUE

5. Generous raises every year? TRUE

6. Sleeping on the taxpayers dime instead of being productive? TRUE

7. A HUGE waste of taxpayer money? TRUE


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Yes, they are a burden to the taxpayers. I do agree that we need Fire Department but the salary are to high for both fire & cops. I believe no cop or fire should make more than 65k if they want more money they should go work for a private company. Kearny taxes are too high. While crime/education/house values are horrible. I feel Kearny has the potential to be a great town but things need to be fixed first.

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Guest Ree Tire Eee 2

Another stupid comment from Fat Evil Tom's Network. We know who you are- You are nothing but a greedy POS!!

F E T N is most likely looking for something for himself again. He ruined the HFD. Now he can put his greedy hands in the surrounding area.

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Guest KPDRetired1

So.....you want Kearny to go to a Volunteer Fire Dept??? WHO EXACTLY is going to man it?? Kearny couldnt keep ONE BLOODY AMBULANCE and 2 People 24/7/365 as volunteers...which is why the Ambulance is paid. Where do you expect to get enough people to fight a fire????

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