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Time For Another Board

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Apparently it's too much time or effort for KOTW to convey/post messages here.

This Board is a virtual graveyard.

Yep, the KOTW Message Board is where you go to get Bored!

Time for another platform.

The South Orange/Maplewood Board seems cool **** Just start a Harrison Chapter there. No censorship. Real time posting of comments. And many media options.

Yep, this Board S**ks. Time to move on.

(I can't even say the word "S**K. REALLY???)

KOTW: JESUS, STOP YOUR NONSENSE!!! HOW OLD ARE YOU??? It's time to say Bye-Bye to the Kearny On The Web Board.

[Dude: I can't say the word "S**K?" THAT'S amazing.]

Yep, time to move on.


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