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Is there a Street Department in town ?

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I was wondering because just about every street is terrible , pot holes everywhere. the entire harrison ave is a total mess especially with the amount of traffic on it. where do my taxes go ??

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Guest magician

your tax monies are paying for the created positions, that are given to connected people ! people retire, getting mega pensions, and comeback to work , at another created JOB ! that's were your tax monies are being spent! you're paying for bloated salaries, in the town hall, and the board of ed ! a lot of the streets look like a war zone, due to heavy vehicular, and truck traffic . I see a lot of trucks , buses, tractor trailers on certain streets ! there are signs saying no trucks allowed on some streets, but it's no enforced ? why not ? there are many more reasons that your taxes are high, but it seems nolbody wants to address ways to lower taxes, or cares ! go to town hall meetings,ask questions, demand answers HAVE THE BALLS TO VOTE THEM OUT !

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Guest Paul Dente.

Here on Reynolds ave , Half the street is in East Newark, And half is in Harrison.East Newark paved half of the\street , And did a great job. while the other side remains un paved. Now we can see which town cares about thier streets. There are a few vans on the street during the day. Not at night though. And it's not near the amount of vans and trucks parked on Hamilton street and second street.

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