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More global warming trashing.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

Boston now has the most snowfall ever in it's recorded history. The Great Lakes are now frozen over for the first time in over 30 years. The entire country is experiencing one of it's coldest winters on record.

A Loony recently claimed this was because the north atlantic was 20 degrees warmer than usual. However a check with NOAA on Google shows the north atlantic surface temperature is 2 degrees higher and the bottom temperature is 1 degree higher ( both within their normal fluxuation rates.)

The Loonies refuse to believe "global warming" is a manufactured excuse by zerO to veto the Keystone pipeline and destroy the coal and oil industries. zerO is in the deep pockets of the environmentalists who only support wind and solar energy. This winter is exposing zero's lies.

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Guest Shane Murphy

IM sorry, but this was one of the warmest winters on record throughout the world. Entire country experiencing the coldest winters? Please, link your facts here because that is an out right lie. HEres some real stats for you, not just stuff we make up and try to spew on KOTW

Individually, here is how each month ranked for the earth:

- December 2014: Warmest on record.
- January 2015: Second warmest on record.
- February 2015: Second warmest on record.

Please back your lies up with facts, and fox news isnt a fact. ANd FYI. Wind and solar energy can not run out. Oil will, and soon!!!

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