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2016, year of redemption.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

Next year we get the opportunity to begin to fix the damage done by 8 years of an incompetent, inexperienced community organizer. Certainly, zerO's years of lie after lie and failure after failure have shown the American voter that the presidency requires someone with an executive / management / financial / CEO background with a strong record of accomplishment. The Loony White Guilters have caused this country to suffer by electing zerO. But now they'll have the opportunity to redeem themselves by voting Republican. Or they can continue their destructive ways by voting for Hillary, a woman with no accomplishments (unless you call being married to Bubba and a meaningless couple of years as political apointee Sec.State as an accomplishment). As was shown with zerO, simply having a D after your name doesn't cut it. America deserves better than that and if the Loonies have any sense of country and patriotism, they'll vote to end this nightmare zerO has caused.

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