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I can hardly wait!

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In just another week, Thanksgiving will be over, and Kearny Christian can start whining about the holiday display at Town Hall. Just remember, though . . .

You know it's a myth.

Looks like someone's looking for a fight! Just remember the one who stirs the sh*t should lick the spoon! And God Bless You Child!
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You're kidding, right?

At this time of year, people celebrate:

Human Light




Winter Solstice



Eid al-Fitr

Bodhi Day

Pancha Ganapati

Zamenhof Day


Dongzhi Festival

Historically, other holidays celebrated at this time of year have included






Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

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If it's not Christmas that is being celebrated at this time of year, can you please tell me what "holiday" it is that is being celebrated at this time of year?

And there's one of the problems in a nutshell. People teach their kids that there's one god - the one they believe in. Some kids see that there are other religions but too many believe their parents literally. They can't even conceive of another religion, it's as though they don't exist.

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