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I see a business on 4th st between harrison ave and cleveland ave that occasionally blocks the sidewalk with stock and puts signs in the street to reserve parking spaces. is this legal ? Do they at least pay for the meter for a reserved space ????

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ya know ur probably right ! all is not equal in Harrison ! there ' s a store between Harrison ave , and Cleveland , on north 2nd st. ! they don't have to move their vehicles on thurs for street cleaning ? the result ? that area never gets cleaned ! plus someone created a phony loading zone , which by the way is on the pnh property ????? but , once agin they park their cars in this ficticious, yellow zone !! HEY ARE THESE PEOPLE BETTER THAN US ? IF I DON'T MOVE MY CAR FOR STREET CLEANING .....I GET A TICKET !!!! HOW ABT MOVING YOUR ASSES, AND DO YOUR JOB - TICKET THESE OFFENDERS. STOP THE BULL S**T ! AND ITS ILLEGAL TO PUT SIGNS IN THE STREET ! RUN THEM OVER !!!!!!!

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