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Interesting report.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

As reported on FOX this morning. An investigative report was compiled to identify the ten people with the highest I.Q.'s in the world. As it turns out, 8 of the 10 were theists, 6 of the 8 were Christians, only 2 of the 10 were agnostic or atheist.

I'm not surprised by this report, reading some of the nonsense posted by our resident atheist tells me there's a lack of intelligence among them.

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Guest Guest

The hilarious thing is that your own numbers show that atheists are incredibly over-represented. Two out of ten would be 20% whereas most polls show atheists/agnostics to be between 2 and 8% of the population. So congratulations, you've just shown us that atheists and agnistics really are smarter. Thanks!

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