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Let's talk about stories that don't make sense.

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Guest 2smart4u

I'm absolutely puzzled by the fact that so many voters were conned into voting for an inexperienced fraud with no business or management experience. While it's true he has a silver tongue, I'm sure Satan does too. While Romney brought a wealth of business and management / executive experience and accomplishments to the table, zerO brought slogans (hope and change) and empty promises. There's really no sane or rational explanation other than to believe that millions of people wanted a black president, if only to prove (to themselves?) they weren't racist (the White Guilt Syndrome). Wanting a black president made it so easy to believe the empty rhetoric of hope and change.

The story of the zerO presidency will be studied in decades to come and I'm sure the scholars will come away shaking their heads and saying this story doesn't make sense.

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Guest Guest

You're missing the point. The idea was to speak the truth, not spin another fairy tale.

People voted for Barack Obama for a variety of reasons. Many people were surprised to see how temperamental McCain was. In that election, Obama was the cooler, more experienced and more presidential candidate. He also didn't have a completely unqualified joke running with him.

In the 2012 election, many people were turned off by Romney's economic elitism. People didn't trust Romney to fight for their concerns.

By comparison to those two Obama looked pretty good, and still does. Opponents tried every which way to stop the Affordable Care Act. They weakened it but they couldn't stop it. And now look at what has happened. They're not talking about it any more because it's working. President Obama will go down in history as the president who finally got the foot in the door for a national health care system. Like it or don't like it, that will be his legacy. On economics, he has done a decent job considering that Republicans have opposed everything he has tried to do. Their behavior has been disgusting. On foreign policy, he has kept us out of war and - as Republicans used to say even though it wasn't true of their guy - kept us safe.

Those are all facts. This isn't a game. Snot-nosed remarks don't belong here.

Now there's an honest discussion of your "points." You may not agree with my answer but at least I gave you one, with facts in it. Have the decency to try to answer the arguments about your fairy-tale religion. You won't because you can't.

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