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It's ridiculous that we spend hours digging out a pathway, using our salt to ensure that the students have a safe path to cross the street on their way to school and the Town of Kearny then comes overnight and does this lovely job. A giant ...pile of snow right on the curb blocking the sidewalk and ruining the path we had set in place. If someone fall on this corner, please take your complaints to the town hall since they have such genius plow men working the overnight shift.
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We have a choice as residents and taxpayers. We can spend more money and hire more workers, or we can go through these things when we have an unusual amount of snow. I doubt that the workers aren't doing their jobs, or that town officials aren't doing theirs.

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Well paul this is what you get when you B**ch and whine to the Mayor about things like Snow Removal, and Whine and complain about your Taxes. Workers aren't replaced when they retire, the town Doesnt buy Salt to save Money, and then wont rent needed equipment when it comes time to clear the snow. The Mayor is ultimately at fault..but he's at FAULT for listening to the whining Douchebags who complain and B**ch about every little thing.

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