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POS democrats

Guest Patriot

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"Moron" is exactly right. They can easily restore the benefits, and they will. Too bad the Republicans won't lift a finger to help get the country back to work, or do anything that would help the whole country.

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I believe it passed the house only because every dem supported it and a few repubs joined them. Moron.

You're calling someone else a moron and you don't even know the facts. 169 House Republicans voted for the bill, including Paul Ryan who led the charge for the cuts. 163 Democrats voted for it but won't hesitate to restore the cuts Ryan wanted in the military retirement benefits. In the Senate, McCain thinks the cuts should be allowed to go into effect.

This is just another right-wing stir-the-pot rant about nothing. The cuts aren't scheduled to go into effect for two years. They're going to be reversed long before that unless Republicans block the reversal - which they won't dare to do now that the right wing media have screamed their heads off about this.

Meanwhile, neither party is doing anything about our kids' future, our natural environment, our continued dependence on fossil fuels and on and on.

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Guest A Proud American

If you took the time to actually to switch channels from the Republican News Station you would find that these Veterans were dropped from the SNAP Program. And it was your party who did it. However the Senate will either fix it before they go on break or after they return. They are also going to try and restore the unemployment benefits for people who lost them. Also the bill was passed by both parties with the majority of Republicans voting for it.

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