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Remember to VOTE Nov 5 Former & Current PVSC Employees

Guest Agency Observer

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Guest Agency Observer

Lets not forget how Wayne Forest and Governor Christie invaded PVSC and with a heartless action throwing 200 innocent employees out the door like common criminals. People that did nothing wrong only to be used as political pawns in trying to make a point that PVSC was a bad place. NOT TRUE!!!! When Hurricane Sandy damaged the plant there was no back up plan because Forest fired everybody and they were limited to a small amount of people who knew what they were doing thus this plant is still not up and running with wastewater still flowing into our waterways. This Governor"s Ego backfired and his agenda in bullying people in PVSC made it worse, morale is at an all time low at the plant, lawsuits are being settled and many more will either go to trial or the possibility of fired employees returning to their jobs would be part of the settlements with back pay included. What did this whole thing accomplish? PVSC is a runaway train with no end in sight. Replacing honest experienced employees with common ex-inmates boggles the mind and we believe will be a colossal failure. Hiring retired state troopers with big pensions and hiring them for big salaries is a slap in the face to people who don't even have a job. So remember current and former employees at PVSC that the only way you can change the climate at PVSC is to change the GOVERNOR, I implore you to gather your FAMILY, FRIENDS, and who ever you may know by putting signs up on your lawns, passing flyers in your community, in making phone calls. REMEMBER on NOVEMBER 5th 2013 GET OUT THE VOTE for BARBARA BUONO FOR GOVERNOR. With all your hard work we can change the climate at PVSC and rid this State and this Plant of this Governor who by placing his EGO ahead of the Safety and Well being of the employees has also FAILED the RATEPAYERS who rely on CLEAN WATER. "VOTE BARBARA BUONO GOVERNOR ON NOVEMBER 5th 2013"

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