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Kudos to zerO, he did it !

Guest Patriot

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Guest Patriot

zerO has succeeded in driving the USA into a 17 trillion dollar hole. He has now managed to add 8 trillion to the debt since lying

his way into office, more debt than every past president put together accumulated. Now that zerOcare is proving to be a total failure

more billions will be spent trying to breathe life into this dead elephant. zerO has a real shot at hitting 20 trillion in debt before leaving

office. The dems and white guilters must be very proud of themselves.

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President Obama did not create this debt. He came into office amid the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We bailed out the banks because we had to. That cost a ton. Then we had two stimulus packages, the first passed under Bush. Naturally, in a depressed economy, tax revenues declined compared to what they should have been.

You live in an echo chamber where nothing President Obama does is ever right. You've never written a single positive thing about him. You don't even respect him, or the majority of Americans who voted for him. But he didn't cause these problems. He's trying to correct them but is being opposed by the Republicans in everything. You're just being ridiculous.

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Guest A Proud American

People like Patriot and 2smart only believe what they hear on Fox News and the Right Wing radio programs. Either they're too lazy or just plain incompetent to do any independent research on their own before they post.

The sad thing is that if they could figure out a way to get out of their Right Wing bubble for a few moments, they might actually see just how inept they really are. And if you notice, they seem to post responses on the same dates.

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