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Total gop incompetence...

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Congressional Republicans are a disgrace and a danger to our country. They have no good ideas of their own, and all they do is make up one phony crisis after another, and oppose everything because they don't want President Obama to get credit for it. Politicians have never been very honest but I never thought I'd see an entire political party behaving this badly.

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Guest A Proud American

This clown Ted Cruz is the most incompetent Senator since Senator Tail Gunner Joe back in the fifties. The reality is that he is being backed by the Koch Brothers who inherited their wealth from their father and through their various Right Wing Organizations.

They're spending millions on candidates for the soul purpose of protecting their interests. And the people who don't bother to look at the facts can't see it. People like 2smart and Patriot are a perfect example. They blame the President for everything because they don't take the time to research what they read and hear. If Fox News and Rush and Drudge say something they take it as being the truth, but in reality is a lie.

Those of us who actually do read and investigate the lies are then criticized. Ted Cruz spoke for over 21 hours against the ACA which is the law and must be funded. If he and his ilk think that it will be a failure than pass the vote and lets find out. Personally I have already received a letter from my Insurance Company that I will be getting a rebate because they didn't meet the threshold on the amount spent on actual care. And have added benefits they previously didn't offer.

I kind of feel sorry for Speaker Boehner. He knows what needs to be done but can't control his Party because they are afraid to go against the Tea Party for fear of being challenged by a Primary candidate backed by the right wing. They have a work schedule where they work for 2 weeks and the they take a 1 week recess. When they do come back they work Tuesday through Friday noon and then recess for the weekend.

What is really sad is that the people who are railing against the Government are from the states that have the highest uninsured people in the USA. And who leads the nation, none other than Texas. Some day they may wake up and finally see that the ones they admire are actually benefiting from their ignorance.

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