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Kearny Middle School on its Way

Guest Not Again!?!

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Guest Not Again!?!

Apparently, the deal is about to be sealed. The ways of the last board have resurfaced. We have a new superintendent but we're subjected to the same sad story of the 4 angry men. Lincoln School is about to become the town-wide middle school for 7th and 8th grades. Only one public meeting and its up for a vote in July. No public input past one poorly advertised, hastily organized meeting in May. I guess the Fab4 and their superintendent think they can keep it a secret and get it passed when everyone in town is away on vacation. So much for the superintendent's idea of transparency. But even more astounding is the fact the Fab4 and their superintendent want to lease Mater Dei Academy for millions of dollars from the Archdiocese of Newark over many years for a town-wide 6th grade. They're calling it the Lincoln School Campus. The big problem is that the boe doesn't have the money for such an endeavor and can't even explain how its dealing with an existing $800,000 deficit in the upcoming budget. Not to mention that all of the remaining children currently attending Lincoln in the other grades will be redistributed among the other schools in town.

Staff layoffs are looming but the Fab4 want to spend money the district doesn't have. The superintendent should be looking for ways to help the taxpayers, not bury them in more of his bad business decisions.

This is moving quickly because the Fab4 and their superintendent want it to pass without resistence. Attend the next board meetings and voice your opinion.

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Guest guest

Does the Board still own the building on the corner of Midland and Elm? Why not get rid of it and us it for the new buses to get to the new Middle School? Buying the old St. Stephen's School building is not a good investment, just like using

St. Cecilia's H.S. building for the high school 9th grade many moons ago. Years ago, before all the additions to make K-8th grade schools, Ed Brehm, the principal of KHS, said that we should have built a new High School on Bergen Avenue--the site of the

stone business and make the present KHS a Middle School. With all the money that has been spent, Ed's plan could have been done. Harvey Field is in the backyard of the area--plenty of room for sports/phys. ed. classes. Mr. Brehm was a smart

man with a good idea--he, of course, was never given a second thought. The K-8th grade schools have always been wrong. Years ago Lincoln and Washington were Junior high schools--looking back, why did the educational fathers, make

so many mistakes? The Board of Education needs some people with ideas that make sense.

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