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On Dec 21 several perents of Kearny High students witnesses an atrocious assault in the Scotts Club around 11:30 at night .It started when one teacher gave anouther a kiss on the cheek wishing her a Merry Christmas.To his dismay was blind sidedly punched in the face and knocked to the ground.***** **** son of **** ***** than after assaulting this other teacher ran out of the club like a coward only to hit a car in the parking lot as he fled the sean. This man that was struck had no idea it was coming and did not deserve this treatment from another colleague.Were sure his Holiday was ruined.We the people from the club request that ***** be removed from the *** faculty due to the embarassment he hes put on the rest of the Kearny's School.s

KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.

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Guest guest who knows

Let's set the record straight here. The young man you are speaking of "who assaulted" another is not a member of the faculty, nor is the young lady who was the recipient of the "kiss on the cheek". This young man and woman occaionally sub at the school but neither are members of the faculty.

I am not saying that what occurred is wrong, because at no time is it correct to strike another person; but to make it seem like it was a teacher's brawl and demand that they be removed from the faculty is incorrect information.

Yes, both the young lady and gentleman have parents who work at the high school but both are young adults and the parents should not have to endure any ridicule because of what occurred with their children.

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