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FOX News calls out Ryan for Lying

Guest Gadfly

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Odd how none of us have to resort to talking about Romney's white ass. Of course, you don't even try to defend his lies-do you like being lied to?

Come on-he even lied about his marathon running time. He's a flake, and he's being called on it.

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Give it up Loony, zerO is being fired in 66 days. We're going to kick his incompetent black ass all the way back to Chicago.

It's a fact. Ryan was caught lying, red-handed - by someone on Fox, no less. When Fox calls out a Republican VP candidate for lying, you know the lie is a whopper. And that was just one of many lies from Lyin' Ryan - which I ain't buyin'.

Don't you care that the Republicans are trying to win the election by lying? That says a lot about you.

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