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Guest George Jetson

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Guest George Jetson

The Harrison Fire Department blames their failure in trying to put a dent in stopping a fire on Washington St. in Harrison by saying it took the Kearny Fire Department 20 minutes to respond to their panic cries. The Kearny FD Public Information Officer, Mr. Jus Sayin, then thanks the HFD for making the abusive comment toward the KFD and tells the HFD they did a great job. I know I'm not missing anything on this one. The Kearny and Harrison Fire Depts. have blamed their constant failures on the politicians, the residents, misleading statements that they don't make enough money therefore they don't put in a full effort, and threatening the public that people will die. They have even recently challenged private citizens to engage in physical violence against them at a 4th of July celebration.

It must be a requirement to join these jokes of attempting to be a Fire Dept. to have an IQ of 80 or below to qualify for employment. In days gone by, people had gone to a fire to watch ff extinguish a fire. Now they go to watch and laugh at the confusing antics and follies of the firemen once they finally arrive. The Jersey City FD and other towns in North/South Jersey are no different. All of the ff T-shirts, begging rallies, signs and other propaganda cannot hide the ineptitude of these underachievers. In NY, the FDNY has a giant mural on a wall that reads, " First we face fear, then we drink beer."

The ego's of these guys, all fireman, are more inflated than the Hudson County Mayors. That is no small accomplishment. McDonough is so starved for attention by the disasterous HCDO that he spends more time in Jersey City and Union City than in Harrison. Maybe hangin' with Healy or Stack completes the big man on campus syndrome.? The remainder of McMoles time is spent at his mini-mansion in Point Pleasant. All that luxury costs a lot of money. I just can't figure out the legitimate source it comes from.

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Guest Harrisonian

Rumors are that both firefighter unions are attempting thru negotiations to have more personnel promoted and hired, even though there are prior agreements because of financial restraints. Needless to say there concerns are about themselves and not the community. I believe that both administrations’ acted in good faith but this has been stymied by the treats of legal action . This is another indicator that the actions proposed and initiated by Governor Christie the only answers. It appears that articles in the papers were nothing but a rouse, regarding the manning levels.

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