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Once again, McMole and the B.O.E. have reached a new low. They have hired the ex-Jersey City councilman to be the new Asst. Principal. This is the guy who made Hudson County a National disgrace at Obama's inauguration. He was the Hudson County Rep. who pissed off of the balcony of his hotel onto the dignitaries entering the hotel after the ceremony. A National fool who will now lead the next generation of illiterates through the Harrison school system. The HCDO knows how to shuffle the faithful fools from one high paying job to another, in this case $123,000.00 per year from the Harrison taxpayers. Make an idiot of yourself on one side of the Witt Penn Bridge, get shipped to the west side at even higher salary.

It's not all bad news of course. He can also be appointed to a Harrison Fireman to increase to double dipping. They can hoist him into the air over a fire and he can piss on the fire from the fire truck ladder. That will give him another $150,000.00 a year because with his demonstrated talent he will be installed at Batt. Chief status and pay. Maybe even a new title. Harrison Fire Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Urination Chief, Captain, and one fireman (if the rank of fireman hasn't been eliminated yet with new hires starting as Captain) could be the new structure. Get right on that big Ray.

In addition, he can be appointed the new Water Dept. honcho to complete the Triple dipping crown in Harrison. He has proven credentials as to the flow of liquid from one area to another. Water/piss, what's the difference?

I must have missed the ad for a new Assistant Principal because I didn't see it in the newspaper or the internet. Harrison does advertise for jobs to be open to ALL people, but that could lead to a better candidate at lower pay so why advertise, just APPOINT like every single town job in Harrison. I can only hope that the individuals with the highest paying jobs in Harrison aren't swingers because it would be the great incestfest. The only real positive is that he pissed on the Democrats. Although weird, the whole situation, those are my opinions. thank you.

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