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Disgust with Teachers Union

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In my opinion, it is shocking that the NJEA, generally referred to as the Teachers Union, continually rallies against any reform proposed to provide a better education to the children. That is what it's all about, right? Wrong! It's about the almighty dollar and benefits that would put most private businesses out of commission should they be forced to meet the salaries and benefit packages that the Teachers are being gifted with. The most awful part of this is that they are so programmed to not give up a penny that they would rather be grouped together with child molesters, relics, and teachers that just do not care than to give up their job for life situation without any oversight or critique of their performance. Most teachers would not speak out against those criminals and sub-par educators because they would be considered anti-union (God forbid), because one day they may be a part of those categories.

The educational system in NJ and NY are runaway trains with passengers that are clearly mediocre in performance and qualifications. 71% of students in Harlem NY are illiterate as they enter freshman year in high school and the monitoring "educator" in that area said it is a dramatic improvement over the past few years. 7 out of 10 children entering high school illiterate is a dramatic improvement. I would not like to see what a failure looks like. Harrison and Kearny are not nearly that bad, but have nothing to cheer about either. The BOE's and their members are a complete disgrace. Some of them seem illiterate. Any individual member who votes for a school Administrator not to have the power to fire, for instance, a child molester due to roadblocks by the union is pathetic. Just transfer the 75 year old teachers, the ones who don't care, and the pervs to another district is the best answer the teachers can provide. Every time I see a new teacher show up at a school I used to think it was a good thing. Maybe some fresh ideas or a positive attitude. Now my question is," What did they do to get them transferred here." It's frightening, but as long as that teacher is making top dollar with great benefits, who cares?

The many, many good Teachers that are doing the right thing know what I'm saying and should have the guts to stand up to these ignorant and naive people who have made the public education system what it is today. A failure.

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