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Ronnie Is Taking Over The World

Guest Fed Up

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First of all, for Tanski to retire would mean that he actually had job. He did shit for the town and became a millionaire because of who else but the Mayor who I am sure was getting a piece of the action. He collected a check, that is all. The Catman is upfront and doesn't bullshit and spread rumors like a lot of the people, mainly the Cops, who got it stuck up their ass by the Mayor for all their retarded antics. You reap what you sow. There won't be any need to set up town hall chambers for any Police promtions for a long, long time. That is the real deal. They have dug themselves into a hole so deep they won't see daylight for man, many years. they though it was funny abusing everyone, who's laughing now?

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Not only did he make a ton of money off the town he kissed enough ass so that his two daughters are now employeed by the good old town of Harrison. If my memory serves me correctly I believe his wife is also working for the town. Just another example of certain families in this town making a fortune off the town.

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ronnie cat was hired by jim doran the mayor will do whatever he says he is affaird of doran running against him do people realize the guy from the state gave ronnie a phony title over men that have worked there for years how does the union allow this. how about the mayor taking ronnie to congress menendez $2000 dollor fund raiser or how about ronnie changing all the vendors to his *** ****** friends who is ******* *** **** **** ronnie, the mayor if the feds are coming they better get here i am sure there are a few councilman willing to tell teem a few things. and lets not forget louie who is in the town garage ever day doing ronnies behind the scene work. the town is a disgrace all done by jim doran and the mayor.

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I wonder if this is true?

Well we can guess that Tanski was the guy who was doing the dirty work.

Doran is definately out for himself.

The question is what are you gonna do about it?

The answer is nothing. Because the town employees are chicken sh!ti and keep defending these assholes I wouldn't want to be affiliated with.

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:) Make sure you pay up, or your kid can end up a victim of a bloods or cripts  initiation!! :ninja:


That is the GOD"S HONEST TRUTH!!!! It has happened to two kids in town already

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