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Goodbye Norma Jean

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It's seems to me, the HFD lived their lives like a candle in the wind, which is now being entinguished for good. You are going to see the town prosper like years ago with the extra $5 million to use for the people, not the leaches or teachers. See it, achieve it. Attitude (ego) does not create altitude in monetary terms. It was like one towns openly run Ponzi scheme. We hardly knew you at all, kid. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio, our town turns it's lonely eyes to you. I am filled with delight knowing that the $125,000+benefits+longevity+clothing allowance+pension are coming to an unceremonious end. Does anyone know the final date these losers are getting kicked out of town yet?

There is not a Fire Department in NJ or any other state that will take these underachieving, fat, flatulent losers when they see their $125,000 salary demands. Warren Buffet owns The Dairy Queen Chain, maybe you can open a franchise or a quiznos. Either way, physical labor and long housr AWAKE are looming on the horizon. PVSC is ruled out as the little man got bounced, bounce, bounce, bounced, so no more keys to the ignition. The race to his little Keebler Elf house is of no use. This is finally a reason to celebrate, break out the Crystal, for the Harrisonians. Don't worry about fires, the Town of Harrison will make a deal with Kearny and E. Newark for coverage so no loss at all. No more firemens poem on the website.

To the ex-fireman, just one day I wish you could step inside my shoes, then you'd know what a drag it is to see you. (Bob Dylan) Adios from Harrison, welcome maual labor. You have no marketable skills anymore so know ones gonna want a middle aged slob at their company.

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