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WHO CARES!!! You must have a pretty sad life, if that's what you find is your business. Take care of you and the people in your family. After you finish then and only then talk about other people. You will find you don't have the time.

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This crap doesn't belong on this forum.

Don't you realize that airing sh#t like that, whether its true or not is damaging to not only the accused, but their spouses, their familes and most importantly, their children.

Make sure your own house is in order before you shoot your mouth off.

Nobody is perfect - people are going to cheat if they want to - it's really none of your business who does or doesn't, and it definitely don't belong on here! If you have been burned in your own relationship (sounds like you have), please accept by sympathy. But don't drag everyone else into your misery

This Harrison forum is turning into crap. At least the people in Kearny mix it up with other things like the War, Taxes, etc.

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Ok lets leave the election alone for a little while and guess what town employees are sleeping with each other.

get a life you loser! you probably dont know jack shit but are just looking for something to do with your boring life. as long as its not affecting anybodys life in any negative way who cares who the town employees are dating. are you jealous?

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