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Just yesterday I submitted a post that I predicted Harrison would ask the State of NJ for a referendum to raise the property taxes up to 30%, not the Governors 2% cap. 27 towns have asked to raise taxes above the 2% cap today, its public record, and Harrison is in the group. It looks like the Harrison residents can expect a 20% to 30% increase in their property taxes and the money will be used for....well, they don't have to say. The town just has to ask for it, not say what it's for. I do not know if it will be up to the citizens to vote on it or just the Mayor and council, but history has it that Harrisonians follow the Mayor blindly even if it destroys any plans they have or puts themselves in financial ruin. My prediction, unfortunately, is that you will vote FOR it instead of against it. A HUGE MISTAKE. ONCE YOU OPEN THAT DOOR, IT"LL NEVER CLOSE AGAIN. There will be no increase in services to the public, just the same names, families, and the unions making more money with raises to cover the 30% medical contributions, I guarantee it. That above 2% cap is for more than 1 year, so LOOK OUT. Don't say you weren't aware of it. I said they would take as much money away from the people before the town goes into a severe depression and then leave to their primary residences down the shore. They were gonna get you some way and it's in progress already. I was right on target. If you are getting an income tax refund of $2500 to $3000 and made plans for it, kiss it goodbye, just sign it over to the tax collectors office. Higher taxes, higher salaries for and more nepotism and patronage jobs, and screw the residents/voters. One of the Mayors favorite sayings is, "I'll do what I want and in a month they will just fall in line and forget about it." Looks like he's right. I never said I lived in NJ, and now you know why. I still have firends in NJ so I stay interested in developements. Reasonably, who is going to but your house if the property taxes go up to $12,000.00 or $15,000.00 a year. Good luck.

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