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Why has the mayor failed to mention

Guest David C.

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Guest David C.

The police union offered to take a zero increase in pay in 2011, and no over time for the range to save the town over $600,000 and not have to lay off workers?

The mayor seems to run to the newspapers for every other thing he thinks can further his agenda. He thought it was a good idea to spread rumors of a ticket blitz by the police department, to the Jersey Journal.

Everyone in town wants to know why the unions are "so greedy" and they won't budge on anything, so guys deserve to be fired. Well the truth is the town said they were short a little over $500,000. The police department was willing to take a zero percent raise in 2011 to save the town that money, and save the jobs of 5 police officers. This helped everyone, by keeping more police on the street, and saving the town over 600 thousand dollars. Thinking the union would never give up all that money, the town gave them the original number of 520,000.

The police did the right thing, and was willing to save the town all that money, help keep more police on the street, and instead of having a raise under the 2% cap, they were going to get 0%.

So what did your Mayor do? He turned it down. So I ask you, do you really think the mayor cares about saving jobs? Keeping the town safe? and working together with the unions for the benefit of the citizens? NOPE. Someone should put that in the paper, so everyone can see what the Mayors real plan is.

I'm sure if one of *******'s friends needed a couple hundred thousand for a town contract, they would some how come up with the funding. Always seems to be money around when their friends and family need to bleed the tax payer dry.

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