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Posted Yesterday, 09:43 PM

As we approach the last week of the campaign I am offering some 'inside' observations on this largely hyped, yet bland and fizzled campaign. As was the case in the last election, the McComics were not able to generate the anger outside the 2nd District. Mc Donough was the water on their fire.

It has become obvious to all that the vote last election was FOR Millan and NOT the McComics, Wood and others.

The Mc Donough Camp has effectively exposed the truth about the McComics posse. Rumor has it that they are heading for the hills before the onslaught of Nov. 2.

The Mc Comics- Bankrupt couple living off whatever little remains ** *** *********** ****** from banks and investors, yet Stevie boy reads all the financial journals. Now Maria and troop are being investigated by the Election Enforcement Commission for Campaign abuse and fraud. Does it really surprise you? The campaign reports only $50. raised, nothing spent, and nothing raised. Tell me the bankruptcy court would not love to know where this money comes from? Typical Mc Comics....Blame the town! People felt that she is just not mayoral material. Actually, most think it would be a train wreck! PS How do you ***** **** **** *** ***? Mc Donough will win...thank God.

In the first the neophyte was like a fish out of water. Although at times nasty and distrusted, he was fairly disconnected from the group, unable to contribute and is feeling used. He was just a pulse in a vain attempt to catch the big and popular Mr. H.

Millan has mended all the 2nd district fences and will again be the Councilman for his people. This may be a first in Harrison's history. Whinny Stevie boy will return to working on whatever property has not been returned to the bank.

Dominick Rodrigues- Never took part in any activity remotely connected to Harrison. Another constant complainer who ran for office because the town would not approve his illegal apartments. Maria reported, that when campaigning, he did not know anyone! He had no idea of the issues. Why, you ask? He does not live in Harrison. ** ** ******** ***** ************ *** ******* ** *****. His auto registration and insurance, **** **** * ***** *******. The word around Larry's Elkdom lodge is that Dominick belongs to the ******** Elk's Lodge! He is most famous for--you could die of thirst before he would buy you drink. Larry looks really safe.

O'Brien- her nicey- nicey lasted for about a week. Most found her abrasive and incoherent. Doran's strategy worked-by just letting her talk to people, she garnered votes for him. As posted here before, she is angry that she only makes 100 G's and thinks the world owes her something. Her biggest mistake was bringing * ***** campaigning with her. It was reported that when a resident asked her about her views on illegal apartments she became enraged and started blaming the McComics. She was also seen ********* ***** outside the McDonough Party the other night. The stress of the campaign is wearing her down. Meanwhile, Doran continues to smile, walk his dogs and greet the neighbors that like him. All is good in Mayberry.

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You should hope Maria wins, at least the town may stand a chance. You are a fool if you reside in Harrison and own property there because if you re-elect Dumbo and the current thieves you are gonna get B**ch slapped in the worst way. Got money problems now, just wait until after the elction if McMoe survives and you are going to learn an expensive lesson. It doesn't really matter if taxes go up a predictable $2000 to $3000 next year because when you are "in" and making $100,000 to 150,000 like everyone on the council including Mayor McMole himself. The so called middle class or poor people as the high rollers refer to people as will be finished. Remember, most of the astronomical salaries are earned by out of towners, so they don't care if your property taxes hit $20,000 a year.

Live and learn, but prepare for the worst because a sharp tax increase is certain if McCormick is not elected the new Mayor. I cannot believe anyone would want to keep the current mayor and council. They are surely going to many more layoffs and loss of services but NOT for the high rollers. BELIEVE IT AND PREPARE!!

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