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It is obvious, even to the thickheaded, that this town is in way over their head financially. Do you know how much the town owes in bonds? Multimillions. When these come to fruition and its time to pay up, boy are the taxpayers going to get a slap in the face then like an alleged one time assessment of several thousand dollars to cover them. It IS coming, believe me. BY then, McMole and his thieves will already be down the shore living the good lives on your dime. The new mayor and council should try to re-open these contracts with help from the state, but it may already be too late. They should also re-evaluate each and every job or paid title in the town. Get rid of the friendship jobs, put out applications FOR ALL TO APPLY at a reasonable rate of pay, and the payroll will shrink dramatically. Many jobs are way out of line with the salaries they get for the amount of work they do. The honcho of the health dept. is one of the highest paid employees in Hudson County, yet I believe she has only two employees and does practically nothing for the town, another political appointment. Get rid of the dead wood and start over, at least you'll have a chance. Harrison also negotiates contracts with developers as sharp as sharks, they do it for a living, by sending people on the council that barely have a high school education to meet with them and the shark toys with them then swallows its inferior adversary costing the town millions. You don't go to a gunfight with a knife. Bad move after bad move has destroyed this towns basic foudation. It is a house of cards ripe to collapse.

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