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Ten Questions Right Wingers Cannot Answer

Guest Truth Teller

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Guest Truth Teller

An excellent analysis appears in today's Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/05/AR2010100505535.html?wpisrc=nl_headline

The United States is being turned into a banana republic by the right wing. If this continues, a few people will own everything while the rest of us struggle to survive.

I'll say it again: the free enterprise system has built our prosperity and our unsurpassed way of life but if it is not controlled, it will spin out of control, and we will lose it. When the top 1% rake in more than 50% of the country's growth, the system has gotten completely out of control. This growing income inequality must be curbed. It's necessary and it's just: necessary because no country can remain prosperous without a vibrant middle class and just because the top 1% didn't earn that wealth. All they did was leverage the system without adding wealth to the economy.

Interesting how the right wingers and even the more moderate conservatives who post here are completely silent on these points. They're all true. Why is no one talking about these things? More important, why are the people in the Tea Party not protesting the takeover of this country by giant corporations, many of which are foreign-owned.

Why is anyone voting Republican, knowing these things to be true? The Democrats aren't great but some of them understand this and they're better than the Republicans. Seriously, how can you vote Republican when they do absolutely nothing to stop the destruction of our way of life? A few very wealthy people are far along on the road to essentially taking over the world. They are consolidating wealth and along with it, power. Why aren't you marching in the streets about this? You will do that eventually. The only question is whether you will do it before the inevitable collapse of our economy and our way of life, or before and thereby maybe prevent the collapse.

Does anybody seriously think this isn't happening? If so, how do you explain the fact that income inequality is rising and most people are having trouble sending their kids to college?

Anybody have an answer? Remember to support your answer not just with name-calling or inane comebacks but with facts and reason.

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