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Ten Questions Right Wingers Cannot Answer

Guest Truth Teller

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Guest Truth Teller

Power corrupts. Everyone knows this is true. It is why the Framers adopted a Constitution with checks and balances and as much democratic control as they thought practical at the time.

221 years later, the world is completely changed. Instead of local economies, we have a global economy, in which giant corporations exert their influence around the world. Some of these corporations are so large that the most powerful country on earth cannot allow them to fail. Simultaneously, these corporations are buying influence in Congress and in state legislatures all over the country, as well as in the executive branches of government and even on the United States Supreme Court. In a case called Citizens United, a right wing Supreme Court just allowed giant corporations to spend any amount of money they like to influence our elections. If you think politicians were corrupt before, just wait until you see what is going to happen now.

Giant corporations are impersonal. They answer to one thing: the corporate bottom line. With acquisitions and mergers having become commonplace, CEOs don't even have a sense of pride in long-term corporate stability any more. It's all about how much money they can put into the shareholders' pockets this quarter. If the company folds in a few years because the CEOs took risky gambles to increase the short-term bottom line, so what: the smart investors made their killing and got out, and the CEO gets a multimillion dollar golden parachute. So the best people won: that's how they think about it.

Free enterprise is essential to the economic welfare of our country and the world. But like any system of human invention, our system of privately-owned corporations can be corrupted. And ours has been. The corporate interest is not always the public interest, and as corporations become larger and more powerful they also become more dangerous.

Instead of having meaningful discussions in American politics about what limits must be placed on corporate power, we are throwing slogans into the wind. We the people have been distracted by meaningless empty words while the corporations consolidated their power over us. And virtually no one is calling out to stop them.

Why do we never hear this from right wing politicians, or virtually anyone else for that matter? Why do citizens continue to vote for these politicians, knowing that they will allow the corporations to continue to accumulate more power against the people's interests?

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