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Where's the Money?

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I heard the McComics bankruptcy is now public information. Does anyone have it? Is it on the web? I hear that it is close to 4 million $$$. Will this be the end of the credit union? Do they owe 1.5 mil to the portugese bank on FER? Did they even max out the ****** house? It sounds more like a ponzi scheme. Can KOTW post it on this site? So many hard working people are struggling to pay thier bills. How come they do not list where they work? What makes them think they can run a town? If true where did all that money go?

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Their personal $ problems were led by a malicous and directed aatack on them for their political involvement. It has nothing to do with the taxpayers/voters money. It is a common restructuring economic tool that the Harrison coucil and McMole directed at them. They don't work for the town, never did? What do you care? You should be more concerned with concerned with the massive cash cow of the fire dept., cronyism, and nepotism. Were you concerned that 4 to 5 "special" people were paid double their slary, two checks instead of 1, in what I believe was around 2005 to the tune of $400,000.00 (approximate). This "clerical" error was not disclosed by the employees, I can name at least 2, they wouldn't print it, but none, and they are high paying jobs, individuals who are so-called trustworthy never reported it. It was eventually discoved by another town employee and stopped. Who knows how long this would have gone on if not uncovered. Nice getting two $1500.00 checks per week and not reporting it for what I heard was about a year. The town never asked for the money back because well, special people got it. Another HUGE "mistake" under the McDonough administration and misuse of the voters money to out of town employees, except for one, just like Tanski. They didn't live in Harrison, vote in Harrison, but they certainly took the money that you bust your ass for to pay their mortgage on their McMansion in another town. Politics at its finest.

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