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I remember reading the article in the Observer a few months back about the redevelopment that is going to take place on the site of Max's Diner. It stated that they were looking for someone to take the diner. Does anyone know the faith of what was the oldest diner in NJ? Was it saved to be relocated elsewhere, or did it just end up in the landfill like many other historic places in this country? It'll be a real shame if it was just torn down to put up more ugly cookie-cutter buildings like so many lots in this town are getting.

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The amount of rubble is hard to determine if the diner was actually torn down.

Isn't it a law to be spraying water during the process of demolition to minimize the dust? For the amount of times I see the Construction Dept vehicle drive down my street, I guess they couldn't venture that far across town to make sure things are done properly.

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