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More Obama corruption.

Guest 2smart4u

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Guest 2smart4u

The latest sleezy bit of corruption to come out of the Comrade zerO administration borders on an impeachable crime. Sestak who beat Specter in the PA

senate race was approached before the election by Bill Clinton and asked to drop out of the race and allow Specter to win and if he did there would be a position in the White House offered to him from Obama.

When interviewed, Clinton said Rohm Emanuel, at the direction of Obama, approached him and asked him to make the offer to Sestak.

Chicago is known for it's sleezy politics and it looks like Chicago's favorite son learned the lessons well. I keep going back to one of Comrade zerO's often

repeated campaign slogans: I'll have the most open and above-board administration in history. The Loonys bought that slogan hook, line and sinker.

I'm not surprised by this however, a person is judged by his friends and you can't expect too much when your friend is Bill Ayres, a confessed domestic


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