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Dangerous Limo Drivers

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It seems lately the speeding cars of Livery Drivers (LIMOS) has been traveling the streets of Kearny, At high speeds

with total disregard for human and animal life.

If you have small children be very careful in the street, These drivers only care about how much money they make.

They could care less if they Kill some poor soul in the process.

Also if you are driving the streets in town and one of these idiots get behind you they will tailgate,

Making a dangerous situation.

I urge people to get the plate no if possible and report it to police, Press charges if you have to before

someone gets killed.

The Latest type of car they drive is Black Lincoln's.

Some of these people may be Illegal Aliens.

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The livery drivers like to speed on side streets, They are not allowed as far as I know to

pick up fares at K-mart walmart etc, Unless they are called.

The Drivers are all from spanish speaking countries and they hate white people.

They will run someone down, Unless the police start ticketing them in large numbers,

And tow there cars.

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