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The Phantom Is Back

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I miss the Phantom as well and I was wondering if the Phantom no longer visits such website because he/she is beign taken care of at the town's expense ie, town job - nice little payoff - or maybe a member of their family is being taken care of therefor, why bite the hand that feeds you.

Come on Phantom - inspire us with your inside knowledge of the good ole' corrupt town of Harrison - we all know what is going on with redevelopment of the town - who is getting paid off, who is gaining a job and all the other good stuff - we just love to see how you articulate it into writings - come on enlighten us!

The message is from 2004.

The Phantom is back. That is, the true Phantom. Others have impostered themselves. But there is only one true Harrison Phantom.

The Phantom says Higgins and McDonough go down in November of 2010. The Phantom is never wrong. Check his postings all the way back to when Doran had a message board. That's when Doran was Doran. Sadly enough, Doran is no longer Doran.

The Phantom will not allow Peter to win the election in November. That is a non-negotiable. McDonough is out.

The Phantom has his problems with the Superintendent. But he knows that 200k plus is so sweet. But the Phantom also knows that Doran is a true teacher- has a love of the arts and sciences. Education's gain is politics' loss.

But I digress.

Unless McDonough is defeated in the primary, then the sorry likes of one of the McCormicks might be elected . Doran knows this and so much wants to avoid this.

As early as of January, likely candidates will be processed by a group known as ECS. Not interviewed- processed. Only three candidates are now on that list.

This will be a $250k bid.

This I know.

Thus speaks the Phantom.

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