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* Corzine Loses Governor's Race


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The Associated Press and New Jersey Network (NJN) has projected that Chris Christie will be the next Governor of the State of New Jersey. In July, I endorsed the candidacy of Chris Christie in a piece entitled Why Corzine Should Lose. As a long time Democrat, I expressed my feelings about Governor Jon Corzine.

My piece was spurred on by a visit from President Obama to New Jersey to campaign on behalf of Governor Corzine. Here is what I wrote back in July:

"My wife’s a Republican. I’m a Democrat. She said the other day to me that she knows that it will be the first time in a long time that I will be voting for a Republican come November. She is right. Corzine does not deserve my vote. Every decision he makes is political. I want a Governor who makes decisions on what is good for the average citizen and not what appears to be politically convenient. An example of the latter is his caving to the New Jersey Public Employees Union Leaders who threatened to picket a Corzine campaign rally at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange where Vice President Joe Biden was going to be the Guest of Honor. Biden had stated that he would not cross a Union picket line to attend the campaign event. The Union Leaders knew that Corzine would buckle under the pressure and give in to their demands. A real Governor would have told the Union Leaders go ahead and picket the Vice President of the United States. To Vice President Biden, Corzine should have said that is your personal choice, the rally will go forward either way.

I ask you to seriously consider who you want to be the next Governor of the State of New Jersey. I voted for Obama and I'm voting for Chris Christie. Join me."

As President Obama and Governor Corzine were attending a campaign rally at the Prudential Center in Newark, I was in my office in the Ironbound Section of Newark working. As I traveled out of the Ironbound, I was confronted by some unusual traffic as a result of the President's visit. In my heart, I knew that the President's visit was not going to make a difference. I am glad that many of my fellow Democrats joined me in voting for Chris Christie. Congratulations Mr. Christie. The work to make New Jersey better begins right after the celebration.

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