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* McCormicks' Continue Fight Despite Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ReOrgan


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The front page of tommorow's Kearny Observer will carry a story by Celeste Regal on Councilmembers Steve and Maria McCormick's filing of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy petition and the listing of a loan by Steve Adler. A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows an individual to restructure their debt and pay creditors in an orderly fashion. Unlike a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy does not discharge all debts.

Since the McCormicks were elected as the first husband and wife Councilmembers in the town's history, both have fought for a open government in town. Being a politician with integrity is not an easy task. The McCormicks could have easily sold out like many other councilmembers before them. The McCormicks have not sold out. I commend them for not doing so even in the face of some personal financial difficulties. Filing for bankruptcy, even a Chapter 11 reorganization, is not something someone does without a dose of humility. Joining the other members of the council who all have town, county, or state jobs would have been a lot easier and financially rewarding.

I am looking forward to the Observer article on the September Mayor and Council meeting that will be published in this week's edition. I also look forward to the Observer reporting on how a large crowd of residents filled the council chambers and how you could feel the nervous tension of residents who are facing continued business as usual by the Mayor and Council despite a financial crisis effecting its residents.

Unfortunately, if the nervous tension at this month's Mayor and Council meeting is an indicator, the McCormick's Bankruptcy may be a foreshadow of what Harrison's residents will have to face in the months to come.

I have faith that the McCormicks will come out of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy stronger than ever. I am extremely disappointed at the Observer's poor one sided news reporting. The failure of the Observer to cover this month's Mayor and Council meeting is just one incident in a string of prior incidents.

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