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Freewheeling meeting is how the Kearny Journal described the September Harrison council meeting. In an prior post Local Papers Silent on Harrison Meeting, I chastised the Observer and the Kearny Journal for not covering the meeting in their respective newspapers despite having reporters at the meetings. Apparently, reporter Rose Duger's article was just being reviewed by the Kearny Journal editor and thus delayed by a week in its publication. My apologies to the Kearny Journal for jumping the gun on accusing them of not covering the meeting.

The Kearny Observer however still has not covered the meeting. The Editor and Reporter of the Observer could not find time to edit or write an article on Harrison's meeting but did find time to write a frontpage article about Harrison Councilman Steve McCormick's filing of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and a loan by former Harrisonian Steven Adler. Celeste Regal is now the expert on Bankruptcy. To those of us familiar with Harrison politics, it is clear that Celeste Regal was feed the information contained in the article. Unfortunately, the Observer's credibility is waning. The Observer is suppose to cover the news but both the Publisher and newspaper's Editor seem not to understand their roles. The objective is to report the news and not express opinions or biases in the news articles. The Opinion or Editorial Page is where opinions should be expressed. I am not sure what Celeste Regal's connection to Harrison is but she obviously has a bias towards anything that criticizes the current administration.

The article attempted to paint Councilman Steven McCormick and former Harrisonian Steven Adler in the poorest light. If you can stand trying to parse the poorly crafted sentences in her article, Celeste Regal was trying to say that the filing of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy petition 93 days after Steven Adler lent Councilman McCormick money was an advantage to Mr. Adler. Actually, the provision that Celeste Regal was referring to has nothing to do with the receipt of money 90 days prior to a bankruptcy filing. The provision has to do with the payment (out not in) of money to a Third Party 90 days prior to a bankruptcy filing. Steven Adler is at a disadvantage not an advantage. The 90 day provision is designed so individuals do not pay debts owed to family or friends (preferred debtors) and not other creditors.

In addition, the article suggested that not listing the loan from Steven Adler on a Local Finance Board Disclosure form was improper. Last time I checked, the Local Finance Disclosure forms do not require the disclosure of loans. The form requires disclosure of employment and properties owned. Even if the form required disclosure of loans the timing of the loan would only require its disclosure next year.

Newspapers play an important role in our democratic society. The Observer has a great potential and has served the West Hudson community well in its long standing news coverage of the area. The failure to report on the Harrison council meeting is not serving the community. Once a local newspaper ceases to serve its community its ceases to have a purpose.

Another example of how the Observer is not properly serving its community is the newspapers editorial on how the Kearny Police should have stopped the robbery and murder of Xavier Egovail, the owner of Rachel's Jewelry, in Kearny. In my opinion, Kearny has a very good police department. To suggest that they could have prevented this senseless murder was irresponsible. To suggest that the Kearny police should know by looking at someone that they are a murder and suggesting that individuals be stopped just because of their looks is in violation of both the United States and New Jersey constitutions. If Kearny's police did what the Observer's publisher suggested, Kearny would be subject to suit for violation of an individual's Civil Rights.

I am looking forward to next week's Observer to see if the Publisher and Editor Celeste Regal step up to the plate and correct the errors in their Bankruptcy article and publish a story on the September Harrison Council meeting. That would be a way for them to start on the road back toward serving the community.

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