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* Why Corzine Should Lose


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On Thursday July 16, 2009, President Barack Obama visited New Jersey and held a rally for Governor Jon Corzine at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel. It was with mixed feelings that I watched President Obama stumping for Governor Corzine. I was one of the very early supporters of then Senator Obama in his candidacy for President. When Jon Corzine and our local politicians were all lined up behind Hillary Clinton, I was one of the few local Democrats who supported then Senator Obama. I was extremely proud of my numerous contributions of $25.00 to Obama’s campaign. I asked for nothing in return for my support except for one thing: Honest Efficient Government.

I am sure that while I was working away in my office on Thursday insuring that I continued to support my family and kept my staff employed in these tough economic times, those who initially did not support President Obama, and some local politicians who would not even put up a sign for Obama were undoubtedly on hand for a photo opportunity. In the news coverage of the rally, I couldn’t help but notice that Corzine looked like a little kid who had gotten a present that he knew he really did not deserve. You could tell that Corzine was uncomfortable. He knew that he did not initially support Obama. What was it that Corzine said, Obama was not experienced enough? Hillary was. Or was he thinking who would elect an African-American president? Corzine did what was politically convenient and supported who he thought was a shoe in for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton, and that has defined his Governing of New Jersey to date. I, on the other hand, evaluated the candidates and supported the one I found to be most articulate, compassionate, and qualified for the job. A millionaire like Corzine should not be worried about going out on the limb to do the right thing.

Christopher Christie released a video welcoming President Obama to New Jersey. He reminded President Obama that New Jersey is one of the highest taxed state in the United States and is in need of a change in governance. He invited President Obama to visit New Jersey again when Christie is Governor. Today, Christie’s campaign website has a video of individuals who voted for Barack Obama but are voting for Christie this coming November. Christie gets it.

My wife’s a Republican. I’m a Democrat. She said the other day to me that she knows that it will be the first time in a long time that I will be voting for a Republican come November. She is right. Corzine does not deserve my vote. Every decision he makes is political. I want a Governor who makes decisions on what is good for the average citizen and not what appears to be politically convenient. An example of the latter is his caving to the New Jersey Public Employees Union Leaders who threatened to picket a Corzine campaign rally at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange where Vice President Joe Biden was going to be the Guest of Honor. Biden had stated that he would not cross a Union picket line to attend the campaign event. The Union Leaders knew that Corzine would buckle under the pressure and give in to their demands. A real Governor would have told the Union Leaders go ahead and picket the Vice President of the United States. To Vice President Biden, Corzine should have said that is your personal choice, the rally will go forward either way.

I ask you to seriously consider who you want to be the next Governor of the State of New Jersey. I voted for Obama and I'm voting for Chris Christie. Join me.

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