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Kingsland Court Building Gets New Name

Guest The Officiator

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Guest The Officiator

This is the official announcement for the name change of Building ** in the Kingsland Courts. The new name Will Be **** & *** Manor.

The rules of **** Manor are as follows:

1.) You may not sit on the benches and have a vocal conversation.

2.) You must walk swiftly past the porch and into the hallway.

3.) At no time are you allowed to talk while walking on the porch.

4.) The maximum time you may be standing on the porch is 15 seconds.

5.) Do not allow your children to play in, on, or near a distance where they can be heard. Unless you are her son and his college friends playing hide and seek at 2:30 AM. That is acceptable.

6.) You may not complain about the exhaust fumes comming from her dryer vent.

7.) You may not complain about the "bar" fumes comming from the exhaust on her window fan.

8.) You may not block the path from herdoorway to the recyle cans. Those beer cans MUST be properly recycled.

9.) If you have a relative/friend visiting, please make sure they sign in, register, & sign the waiver located at apartment ***.

10.) Never, under ANY circumstances must you talk back to the manager of **** * ***** Manor Porch, because consequences will follow. They WILL Verbally and Possibly Physically Attack You.

Please remember these rules.

KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.

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