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who is the new "head of janitors for the schools'

Guest again????

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Guest Higins, Dolahan, McDonough, Powe

Higins, Dolahan, McDonough, Powell....What families are left.......a Villalta, Petigrew, Comprelli (Nah to smart), a Confesori........

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Does he need to leave his council position to accept this jpb? Any conflict of interest?

:D since when has that been a subject tacked by who? the state? hudson co? you have better odds of winning american idiol.think back this town was and continues to run on a so called debt every other town person holds two paying positions, some don't even qualify but what the hey let's give them some any way. in recent years this town has really gone to hell. crime is high, we have no parking,our kids are dumber then a door knob, taxes continue to raise, each council member has at least five family member on thetown payroll.the council people are getting bolder with their extra activities dealings, people are so fed up but remain shut up that is until this election, things will happen stories will be told and those counting their eggs might just get a rude awakening! this a call for those thinking about running know if you run we will vote! :P

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