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KHS football follies

Guest Disgusted

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Guest Disgusted

Some teachers have 25-30 students in a class that they are SOLEY responsible for. The King “monitors” (when he does show up for 2 periods) a little suspension room that maybe holds 12 kids at the most, yet he gets to have another teacher in there with him. Why? These kids are not Riker’s criminals but as long as there is someone else in there, the King is off the hook to go do as he pleases. So this is ANOTHER perk only he is allowed.

All HS teachers are responsible for 8 periods a day as well as a help period ( which I am sure the King does too-NOT) . I guess his schedule must read like this: 1st period – getting out of bed 2: Petitio’s Deli 3: Diner 4: Get a haircut 5: Show your face at school and make sure everyone else is doing your work etc, etc….What a good role model you are Coach! Teach these kids that it is good to screw your co-workers and weasel your way out of you own responsibilities! He tells everyone he is working in the athletic office when not in the suspension room, which is another load of crap. Who does he think he is Joe Paterno? He is just a high school coach like all the other HONEST, HARD WORKING coaches in the district; but the difference is they do what they are supposed to do. Many of these coaches play a 20 game or better schedules and have successful programs that garner recognition for the school yet they don’t get the time, the office and all the other BS that this guy gets. These coaches do their jobs IN the school during the day as well as on the fields afterwards! No wonder they all talk about him. He makes the whole athletic program look bad. No one even wants to work with him anymore. Football is a joke and so is the coach. They play a handpicked schedule but the King’s ego is so big that he honestly believes he is wonderful. He is a legend in his own mind!!!

The whole HS staff knows this is a joke. The Super and 4 guys in administration allow it to happen. - one if which is the A.D., who should be more embarrassed then the rest of them. Not one of them has the guts to stand up and do the right thing here. What are they scared of? Makes you wonder what the King must have on these guys. I guess when you have board members roaming the sidelines with you and drinking in the local watering holes you have some protection. Just remember people of Kearny….it is your taxes that are financing this whole sham! I wish the teacher’s union would take a stand and put a stop to this favoritism…someone has to do something and it surely isn’t going to be the Soprano’s who are running the school. Even Tony, Paulie Walnuts, Silvio and Bobby Baccala have more integrity then you do!!!! And that’s a real shame!!!!

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