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Cop Ousted For Photographing Semi-Clad Men

Posted: February 14, 2005 9:02 pm. ET

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) A Colorado Springs policeman has been forced to resigned after 100 photos of barely clad men were found in his home.

The investigation into former patrolman Charles Broshous began after a gay dancer complained he had been arrested by Broshous and forced to strip to a "satin leopard G-string" while the officer photographed him.

Broshous, 36, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor official misconduct Nov. 24 and resigned from the force that day but the reasons for the charge were never made public until the Colorado Springs Gazette ferreted out the information using the state's freedom of information law.

During the Police Department's three-month internal affairs investigation, it was discovered that Broshous had photographed and collected pictures of men who were about the same age, 18 to 24, according to the documents obtained by the Gazette.

"Pictures that are this consistent in nature generally indicate a person's preference for their sexual desires and needs," wrote Derek Graham, a homicide detective who was lead investigator on the Broshous case.

"The fact that photographs would be taken of suspects, all of whom were of the same age group and athletic build with their shirts off, indicated that Officer Broshous was intentionally contacting individuals sharing these characteristics in order to photograph them."

The paper also discovered that complaints against Broshous date back years and include not only his service in Colorado Springs but also during the nine years he was with the Colorado State Patrol.

Investigators said that, among other things, Broshous issued an unusually high number of tickets for underage drinking. He would order offenders to remove their shirts, saying he was looking for tattoos.

Broshous has refused to be interviewed.

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