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  1. I agree with you so much it hurts! What the hell happened to us as a community that we don't speak up anymore? I say we tell them where they are and they need to speak our language! Speak your language on your own time, in your own house!!! We do not want to hear it anymore!!! My American english speaking family is sick of it!!!!!!!!!!
  2. slimster7

    Kearny Rec.

    See, I am not the only one who thinks that BK comment was absolutely rude.
  3. slimster7

    School Uniforms

    I am so happy that uniforms past. it will save so much money for families who can not afford to keep up with the trends. And they will look decent, not all baggie and sloppy. Maybe it will teach them some respect and discipline. Good work BOE.
  4. slimster7

    Was I in Kearny

    Yeah what he said.
  5. Hi oldfart56. I understand, but there is no need for his ignorance. Thae gentleman does not live here anymore so he does not know what goes on here all the time. Unless people are feeding him bogus information. It is a proud feeling to know that people who used to live in town still care, but the whole tree situation is wrong. At least put a tree back when you cut one down. Our beautiful town is looking sad.
  6. No sweetie, I work for a living and take care of my family. I can't just sit on my a$$ and play with my computer all day like you. I have a life. I was not trying to stir up trouble, true I did not know all the facts, but it bothers me that some parts of this beautiful town are looking bare. If they cut a tree down put one back. Sorry to the people who have property damage, I was just thinking about our Earth. It is a shame that all nature is disappearing from Kearny. I did not know that that much damage was happening. At least I am big enough to say sorry. Now I have some answers.
  7. When you lived in town? Shut up, you don't even live here. I know what is going on in this town. The trees do not have to be cut down. If they are rotten fine. But they are healthy. I have seen the same trees every day for the past 15 years. They should not be chopped down. They are cutting my neighbors trees down and they are not happy. I have been making the right calls, there are times when there is no answer and times when there isn't anyone available to take my calls. I just wanted to know why. Don't be such a nastyass, I am trying to find the answers. Next time you have anyt
  8. Would you want to come back to Irvington? What do you mean by "his kids"? He contributes to alot of charities. Not just for his telethon. And why are we even discussing this? This is supposed to be about "soccer". Wait a minute, soccer is over. OH NO, NOW WHAT WILL WE COMPLAIN ABOUT?!?
  9. Why are the chopping all the trees down? On my way home from work I noticed several streets in Kearny with healthy trees chopped and ready to be fire wood. Healthy trees are being killed! Taking the trees away is a big mistake, not only are they a home for several animals, but also oxygen for us. And they are so beautiful. I can see trimming them so they don't touch the wires or the homes, but come on, cutting them down to nothing. It is such a shame. I know that it is the town workers job, but what a$$hole gave the order? Kearny is slowly but surely becoming to city like. It is so sa
  10. #1 I have a very good job, you would be surprized at what I do for a living. #2 I never said anything about anyones profession, you do what you have to do. #3 You do not know my education, and last why would you even bring up how you look? I never said I was better looking than you or anyone else. You must be insecure about yourself to bring up looks. If you do not like what I have to say, you can always log off and try to do something a little more productive with your time. I do this for fun. It keeps the blood pumping. Your little digs make me laugh. Thank you.
  11. Did anyone see the game yesterday? Portugal could not even make 3rd place. How funny. They got their a$$e$ kicked again!
  12. Excuse Me, what the hell have you done that was so great? Jerry Lewis is an icon. How can you put him down like that? I agree with the French, but picking on Mr. Lewis is just ludacris.
  13. Same goes for you, look away you have the right to do so. Really.
  14. If you do not like what I have to say, do not log on. You do not have to read this. This is still America, you have the freedom to look away. Really you do. Try it.
  15. slimster7

    School Uniforms

    Yes I am. Please to meet you, did not know you were a fan.
  16. By the way, thanks FlagMan.
  17. Yes we are white trash, white AMERICAN trash, and proud of it. Go back to your country if you are so miserable.
  18. slimster7

    JULY 4th

    Check you out, you are joining the hate train. Just look at your words. Full of put downs just like everybody else. When you don't like whats said, you hate too. HATER!!!
  19. slimster7

    JULY 4th

    Thats cool. Sorry we missed them too.
  20. slimster7

    JULY 4th

    You do not see too many of the other country's flags anymore. Take a look around town, it is beautiful!
  21. slimster7

    JULY 4th

    yeah, Kearny is starting to S**K, but there are a few good Americans left here and I still love this town. Santos is screwing alot of things up.
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